How ASAP Works



Recruitment Process:

Our recruitment process includes classified ads, job fairs, open houses, internet searches, and employee referrals. ASAP Medstaff has a long history of recruiting highly qualified healthcare professionals. When you receive candidates from ASAP MedStaff, they have undergone a comprehensive screening process including:

  • Work related experience review
  • Extensive interviewing, including:
    • Previous work responsibilities
    • Occupational knowledge
    • Candidate's professional and personal goals
    • Workplace preferences
    • Communication skills
    • Overall professionalism
  • Professional and personal references
  • Criminal background check
  • Job related pre-hire tests
  • Drug screening

ASAP can customize the screening and interview process to fit your needs.

Placement Process:

ASAP's placement process is client-specific. Once we receive specific job candidate requirements, we narrow our "job-ready" candidates for you to interview. If the candidate(s) meet your expectation, then ASAP Medstaff will send the candidate(s) to your worksite once a start date, hours, and bill rate are established.